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David celebrates his birthday with an Ice Cream Cake
[mb] swagger;;
micheleeeex wrote in allsingalong

David Cook's Birthday Gift? An Ice Cream Cake!

By Jennifer Garcia

Tuesday December 22, 2009 11:15 AM EST

David Cook's Birthday Gift? An Ice Cream Cake! | David Cook

David Cook

Talk about a sweet surprise! David Cook was home in Kansas City, Mo., to sing the National Anthem at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Dec. 20 – his 27th birthday. But he didn't just celebrate with a football game! Instead, his family and friends surprised the rocker in his suite at the stadium, singing "Happy Birthday" and delivering a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cake in his favorite flavor – chocolate chip cookie dough. "My 27th birthday was a great excuse to get a bunch of friends and family together," Cook tells PEOPLE. "The Kansas City Chiefs organization was more than accommodating, and were kind enough to have Cold Stone Creamery make a chocolate chip cookie dough cake for me." "We were thrilled to be a part of David Cook's birthday," Suzanne Schutz, vice president of marketing for Cold Stone Creamery tells PEOPLE, adding that other celebs like Eva Longoria Parker, Kelly Rutherford and recent Dancing with the Stars contestant Mya have recently enjoyed their frozen cakes for their birthday. (Mya actually had one brought to the DWTS set and delivered to her private party later that night!) SOURCE

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that picture is so ridiculously cute

Is it weird that all I wanna do is hug those kids and pinch Andy's cheeks? Oh, and also Neal? Contagious laughter FTW

david holding a bb! ♥__♥

\o/ monty was there too! :DD

Ice Cream cakes FTW! It was a theme that day, I see.

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